Portfolio of Competencies

This digital portfolio demonstrates competencies pertaining to Purdue University’s Master of Science in Education, Learning Design and Technology (LDT) program. The eight numbered tabs lead to discussion of each competency, examples of my work pertaining to the competency, and discussion of my perspective and growth related to the competency. The table identifies the examples, or artifacts, selected for each competency. In whole, the portfolio establishes my mastery in the field of instructional design. The portfolio is a means for me to showcase my knowledge and abilities, and for my faculty committee to evaluate my accomplishment over the course of the program. Developing this portfolio is a reflective exercise as I consider how courses related to each other, to my experiences in corporate training, and to my interests and philosophies in instructional design.

Viki’s LDT Journey

Having implemented new chemical and business processes as a pharmaceutical engineer and quality professional, I have experienced constant opportunities for training as it relates to new processes, remediation, and continuous improvement. Technology further increases options for methods of educating. I have an interest in taking advantage of the benefits technology provides to determine effective and efficient approaches to education and performance improvement. In pursuit of lifelong learning, I applied to Purdue for this program as a distance student. My primary perspective in joining this program is to make the most of the journey. Each step along the way, I gain insight into my past experiences as they provide a context for the theories and applications of study, and determine how the material applies in my future endeavors. It is an exciting time to be exploring effective use of technology in education, training, and performance improvement, and I anticipate breaking new ground in my career transition.